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Originally Posted by crispy0 View Post
he recomended excell because it is liquid carbon so it supplies the CO2 for you untill you get a real co2 set up. looking good so far. that foreground must have been a pita, but i sure it will be worth it. thats a lot of hairgrass dang. good luck with the algae war i know right now i am losing thanks to a 65 watt light fixture
I get that, crispy0, I was just wondering how well it Excel would work as an exclusive source of carbon for the plants. I know it works well in addition to DIY or pressurized CO2, but alone? Regardless, I'm leaning towards going pressurized with this one. Getting everything I need to set that up will likely have to wait until around December 25th though... But thanks for the compliments. And yeah, the hairgrass was a pita, but I can't wait for it to fill in.

But, a mini update:

I have the lights on 6 hours a day, and have been slightly overdosing Excel since I picked up a bottle. The hairgrass is doing great. Nearly every node has sent up a new leaf, and I've spotted some with runners already. It's about the same story with the marsilea minuta too, just a little slower. The blyxa seems to be having the hardest time. I haven't noticed much growth, or at least I can't tell if some of the leaves are new or not. One bunch seems to be melting a good bit. One thing that gives me some hope it that I've seen the roots of one bunch growing. I've heard that blyxa takes a little while to get established, though, so I just hope that's what's going on.

I might add a picture or two later on, but at the moment the camera is out of batteries. And I can't figure out how to turn the flash off...
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