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I got a few more things into the tank the night before, and a few pictures.

The floating bag contains the group of P. chica. I wonder if I will keep these fish in there long-term, but I am going to try them out and see how they look.

I want to put some effort into selecting and scaping the hardscape elements and other substrates. The picture above shows the Seachem marine gravel, comprised mainly of small broken shells, which I added in a small quantity. You can see it in the tank picture in the small Tupperware container. I will probably sprinkle just a small amount of this on top of the main base substrate, the coarse sand in the larger green plastic container.

I also added just one plant in a riparium planter, a Houttuynia cordata 'Chameleon' (above picture, center plant). This is a real good riparium plant, but this specimen looks a little ratty and will some trimming and re-growth.

I introduced a few rounded river stones. I have found these rocks to be easy to handle and easy to put together in a pleasing layout. I will probably use these, but I will add several more. I will put some manzanita in too to try it out.
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