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My Catalina 48" three light has two switches, two outer lights on one switch, the middle light is on the second switch. I have two lights come on for three hours, then all three lights on for three hours, then two lights on for the next three hours. So yes, you can turn them on independently. I'm looking for a light for the soon to be purchased 29g. I'm thinking their 2 light, but from what I gather from their website, it has one switch also. I've heard they will customize any lighting system they make, I'm calling them tomorrow. Hoping customizing doesn't = bunches of $$$. All I want to do is add a switch...... I really like the 48" Catalina I have now, I'll let ya know in 3 years if I still like it. I've had other lighting systems crap out on me after just a year or two, won't buy those again!
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