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That's good advice, oldpunk78, and I'm taking it. I stopped by the lfs today and picked up a bottle of excel, along with a cheap black background and timer for the light fixture. And to answer your other question, I do plan on fertilizing eventually, but for the time being, I'm going to try to make due with the Eco and soil.

How much do you think the Excel will help without CO2 though? Especially in keeping algae under control.

londonloco, I agree that hanging the fixture would be a nice way to do it. However, as you can deduce from the mysterious reflection of me in the third picture, I'm not the one making the decisions regarding holes in ceilings and mounting anything. I'm lucky I got the go-ahead to set this up at all. My bedroom is looking more and more like an aquarium, with now three tanks, this being by far the largest.

Anyway, thanks for the kind words about the 'scape. I wanted to go with something simple, and I liked the way this looks. Which is good, because I don't see myself changing it, after that much planting and considering half the substrate is mud. But the rocks are just extras lying around from a garden wall built a little while back, boiled and all that.
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