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Last night I stayed up late making some room for the fish and to grow out the plants that I'm using. This setup is temporary, but it should be good enough while I pull together the tank, cabinet and other items for the more permanent display.

This is an Aqueon 50-gallon aquarium. Having a second look at it I am beginning to wonder about my choice for the display tank. I had the 40 breeder in mind before, but now consider using the 50 instead. The 50 has thicker glass (3/8" or so) than the 40 breeder (1/4" or so), so it should be somewhat stronger after removal of the top plastic rim. I wouldn't trust either of these tanks without the top rim and filled to the top with water. With the waterline at several inches below the top, the 40 should hold about 30 gallons of water, while the 50 should hold 40 or so. The 40 might be better for reinforcing my original idea of a setup emphasizing depth and width over deepness of water--like an indoor pond--but the 50 might be stronger and will hold a little water and fish. I don't really want to purchase another tank, so if I use the 50 I will have to transfer the fish and everything two times so that I can yank that plastic rim. What do you all think I should do?

I also set the tank up with a light, a heater and a sponge filter w/air. That ought to be good enough for now
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