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The Doctor's 29g (56k)

Alright guys, I know you've all been dying of curiosity. "What's this guy been up to?" you've been thinking. Well, now you can finally see for yourselves.

It's a 29 gallon that's in pretty good condition, but not new. I got it for free from a friend, and that's how this started. Though I have still spent my fair share on this guy. So here you go:

Lighting: Catalina Aquariums 2x24W t5 HO 6500K and 10000K bulbs
Substrate: Topsoil capped with a little over a bag of Eco Complete
CO2: Later
Flora: Eleocharis parvula, Marsilea minuta, Blyxa japonica
Fauna: Undecided
Filter: Need to work on that too

So! Some pictures

Thanks for the hairgrass goes to malaybiswas, and the blyxa and marsilea are from sieu004. The initial planting took FOREVER. I mean hours. That was a ton of hairgrass. and the marsilea didn't go too quickly either. But, that's it for now. Look, enjoy, love, hate, comment, don't, but there you go.

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