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It's been a while since I posted an update. Since then nothing was added to the tank. However, I did take the my light and took out 1 of the 2 Actinic lights and replaced it with a 6700k 39w bulb and boy did it do wonders! I'm up to 117w with 1 actinic bulb to bring out the fish. i had forgot to turn off the fan for the light and also forgot to plug in the led moon light so when i just turned on the light i found the whole tank filled with pearls. I've had pearls in the past but it was kind of rare but since my whole floor is riccia carpet, my whole floor was shining bright! But I just want to post an update and a time lapse of my tank the first time it was rearranged.

So this is from October 15th to November 11th.

Pearling carpet.

Pearling carpet #2.

This picture was so good that I'm currently using it as my wallpaper! lol.

More Pearling.

I'm just excited because I didn't know if I was capable to make my plants pearl.
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