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Originally Posted by SearunSimpson View Post
Are you not worried though that the heat from the light is going to melt the zap-strap that is against it?
If I can touch the light after a few hours running and not get burnt there is no way it will burn through and or melt a zip tie. Zip ties are pretty tough. The stock plastic light fixture is made to take the heat of the halogens that came with it so I'm not worried about that either.

Originally Posted by jaidexl View Post
\ .....We'll see how accessibility works out in the long run, seems like it might be an extra hassle to clean this thing, but I have only seen it in person once, yet.
It's for sure harder to clean but it's not impossible to clean. If you're a basketball player with huge hands don't get this tank! If you're have average size hands like me, you'll be just fine.
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