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Thanks for the feedback all. I just bought a cheap powerhead and installed it. Hopefully the water movement will clear up the right corner of the tank that is kind of stangnant. I just added 6 more phantom tetras...I've got like 13 red phantoms in there now so it looks pretty cool with them schooling through the wood. I wish I had an eheim!!! My tanks a mess now. When I installed the powerhead I knocked the wood loose. I know how I want it to look so I'm just waiting for it to soak more before I jam it back in the substrate. My plants hemianthus is still shocked a little from being completely pulled and replanted. It's a hardy plant. The Zosterifolia could care less where it is in my tank. It just grows...planted or unplanted

I was fortunate to find the wood. Don't tell the beaver whose damn it was near. It wasn't part of his damn but was lodged under this rock in the river. I don't think he'll mind. The coolest plant that was growing under all of the Hemianthus has got to be the Java Fern at the front of the tank. It just took off. I'm still constantly battling BBA, but hopefully the powerhead will change it's element a little bit. It grows more in the corner of the tank away from the filter and where there is minimal water movement. I've never used a powerhead in a planted tank? Any pros, cons? I haven't found any cons yet. Water circulation is good and there's no additional surface agitation other than the sloppy tetratech that I had to tweak in order to make it stop bubbling.

Anyway, thanks for the feedback. I'm looking forward to the wood sinking so I can replant my hemianthus and heternanthera more strategically.

-Fat Guy
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