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Well, some of the crypts are taking to the readjustments and some are showing signs of melt. The C.wendtii and C.spiralis that I already had but moved a bit are fine. The new C.lutea is showing signs of melt on some and others are OK. This was to be expected and eventually they will all settle in and everything will be fine.

BOO...crypt melt

All of the fuzz algae is all pink and fried and the oto (will be getting it 2 buddies today) and 9 shrimp are going to town on it. It should be gone in a week or so. Hopefully with the increased volume of plants they will out compete the algae.

Pink-fried's whats for dinner!

I need to find a way to cultivate algae that isn't unsightly and that the shrimp and otos will eat. Actually, used to always just let it grow on the rocks in my cichlid tanks. It never looked bad, in fact it made the tanks look more natural. After all, algae was a part of their diet as algae was what many of the cichlids I kept ate in nature. But I do not want it growing all over my plants.

Still wrestling with what I should do for the background. But it will be the weekend before I get a chance to do anything about it. As the tank is right now the eye is drawn left and up and it makes all of the plants look like that as well. Perhaps finally getting a decent amount of background plants will fix this.

Full Frontal 10/29

Something with height needs to go back there....

Hey there little shrimpy guy.

Brandon Herren
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