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Thank you for viewing and saying such pleasant things about this little tank. I just hope it's not like one of those instances where your buddy shows you a picture of his newborn child and it is the ugliest baby you have ever seen so you force a smile and say, "Awww, he's so cute".

demonbreedr16 , I have recently come to the realization that bettas are a very under rated and under appreciated fish. It is a fish that many hobbyist snub there noses at (I was one of those people for a long time) because of how common they are in the hobby. When we move on to our high-tech, high $$$ tanks and start breeding discus we forget how much pleasure can be had in maintaining a simple layout with a simply beautiful fish. I'll be honest, I kind of cringed a bit at the prospect of having such an ordinary fish in our new set up when my wife and son began seriously looking at the bettas in their little 10 oz. plastic jars at PetSmart. Now I have no regrets. I love Betta. He's a little stud and I need to see about getting him a lady, for the long, cold nights of winter are almost upon us . Now I cringe at the cruelty fish actually being housed in one of those 10 oz. plastic jars.

redfalcon35, I appreciate your insightful advice. My hypothesis is that I have too few plants in this tank for all of my plants to be such slow growers. I would say, although I have no means to quantify this statement, that it stands to reason that a slow growing plant has a slow rate of nutrient uptake resulting in an excess of nutrients in the tank. The when you couple that with descent lighting and a 10 h photoperiod you allow algae to out compete the plants and have a situation like what I have. The fuzz algae is worse today than it was yesterday.

So this is my plan to get ahead of the algae once again.
1. I'm going to remove the fish and shrimp and do a large water change, scrape the glass, and remove as much of the algae as I can. With the tank water low, and after a good dip for a couple minutes in some H202 to get rid of as much of the algae as I can, it will be a good time to rearrange my java ferns and crypts.
2. I'm going to put my filter media in bowl with some of the tank water to preserve as much of my beneficial bacteria as possible and the clean and disinfect the rest of the components. I will also clean and disinfect the heater.
3. Then I'm going to plant the two pots of Cryptocoryne lutea I picked up from my LFS today.
4. Then I'm going to refill the tank and put all of the equipment and fish back into the tank. I'm also going to put the 5 shrimp I purchased with the crypts into the tank.
5. Then the last thing I will do is change the photoperiod from 10 h to
8 h and call it a night. Picks will come tomorrow after everything settles down.

If this doesn't work I'm going to try adding some of my fast growing Hygro from my other tank and see if that helps. BTW, everything I have read says that otos and shrimp love fuzz algae but mine won't touch it......


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