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Originally Posted by sewingalot View Post
I like the hairgrass. I can only grow this emersed. I don't have the patience for it submersed. What are your plans for dosing? If you are raising fry, are you planing on dosing at all? What fry are you going to raise? Hmmmmm????
this is low tech. no dosing at all. It has soil underneath.
I bought $100 worth of fish. Thought I'd give them a try at breeding.
I got a few danio choprae and a cool looking leopard pattern danio I have no idea what they are
it's listed as Devario xyrops but I'm not sure.

I wish I have those fancy wild bettas though but my main setup is a river tank and they might not work out.

That reminds me, I should take pictures of the main tank.

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