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Originally Posted by FrostyNYC View Post
I really love this tank. Very unique.
Thanks, it should look even better once the plants grow and fill in.

Originally Posted by demosthenes View Post
wow, very cool! what a great way to find something unique. are there any suitable tankmates that you could put in along with the eels? maybe something to swim around at the top?
Only larger fish are compatible. I haven't completely made up my mind yet, but I was considering some mollies, that way there would be a constant supply of live food for the eels.

Originally Posted by hydrophyte View Post
This is a neat tank. The really cool thing is the trough on top of the cave which holds plant substrate, and rooted plants. There are a lot of great plants in there too.
This was the basic idea for the cave. A space under for the eels, with a planter's box on top for the various crypts that I planted. I used lace rock to hide the plexiglass cave, and placed various anubias and ferns all around to help further hide it.
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