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The Dragon's Lair - New pics 10/24/10

** Note: The eel has escaped and unfortunately died. August 2010, this tank became a bichir tank.

I just don't see many eel tanks on these forums, so I thought I would share mine with everyone. I started this tank back on Sept 9 with installing the cave for the eels to hide in.

I added the wood and some plants on the next day, just a few crypts and blyxa.

09/17/09 - moss and anubias has been attached to the wood, several stems have been planted

10/16/09 - I changed a few of the stem choices

And of course, the 2 eels. These were purchased yesterday and have been a lot of fun to watch. I decided on Peacock eels since they don't get too large and are fairly docile. I was only planning on getting one, but the LFS had several so I bought two. This first photo is "Big Worm". I took the name from a character in the movie Friday. It just seems to fit as he/she is the plumper of the two eels.

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