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Fire and Water: 40g Breeder Adventures (Updated 3/17!)

Current FTS:


It's been a long time in the making. I've just had this blank space over top my fireplace in my living room. It was designed for a TV, but since TV's aren't really shaped to fit there anymore, I decided a planted tank would be a much better fit.

So I go onto craigslist and find an awesome 40g breeder (it's really 45g I'm not sure why they call them 40g) for just $100. The tank is in great shape, and he is throwing in his filter (some sort of big HOB filter), heater (which you can see I probably don't need), and a powerhead 802 (which I need a mounting bracket for!). Perfect, it just leaves 2 inches on each side of this wasted space.

Here starts the fun. Logging back onto for the first time in two years, I find not a whole lot has changed. So I read up on all the things I used to know back in the day, order a Catalina Solar 3x39w T5HO light system, get my old Co2 tank filled, drag the old ferts out of storage, order 100lbs of Eco-Complete and start off on my adventure.

Looks like 6 bulbs too me... must be those amazing polished german reflectors

ooo... pretty moonlights!

5x 20lbs Eco-complete substrate

Testing in the garage (where leaks won't matter!)

After carrying it to its final location, adding 100lbs of Eco-complete, and setting up the light and filter

My awesome hardscape... more driftwood to come, it needs to soak longer

Plants to come soon (tomorrow hopefully)

So here are the overall stats:
  • 40g breeder (36x18x16)
  • Catalina 3x39w T5HO
  • Pressurized Co2 w/ Azoo Regulator
  • Hagen Bubble Ladder
  • 100lbs of Eco-complete Substrate
  • Emperor 400 HOB filter (minus the biowheels)
  • Fireplace heater

Plants will be coming soon...

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