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To gheitman:
Yup, the lighting would eventually become a problem. Come back to my "update" (which actually had happened) to see what's up.

To DevinWolfe:
Haha, that was so frustrating and funny... Why the hack did they make the intake connector tube so damn long.... I didn't really measure and just cut that little by little and after about 30 minutes of messing around, I only kept less than 1/3 of the original length.... I should have just cut it in half first and save myself some time... oh well!!! It is funny! I actually did get a diffuser. Come back for "update" (which actually had happened).

To waterdog1:
Yup, I actually have come across all those problems.... unfortunately, I will do an "update" of what had happened since 9/7/2009.
Those are only 4 BABY/Juvenile convicts. All less than an inch long. Oh well, they seemed ok, which did make me feel better, or less guilty!!!
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