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From my experience here is what lies in your future.

You will have an algae outbreak, this partly normal, but mostly because you do not have enough fast growing plants in the tank able to deal with the nutrients.

You will get poor plant growth. The lighting is not sufficient for most of the plants you have in there. The inert gravel will not be enough for the sword plant. The leaves will probably accumulate algae.

My suggestions. Add fast growing plants. With that amount of light it might be tough. Id suggest floating plants. They will have all the co2 they need and will be right next to the light source. They will soak up nutrients like a sponge. I agree with previous posters, java fern, java moss, anachris...those would do ok in there. If you want to widen your plant choice you may need to upgrade your lights and maybe add some root tabs after the tank is fully cycled. Those floating plants will be your best friend while the tank is young.

Just an FYI knowing the folks here you will probably get cr@p for cycling the tank with 4 cichlids.

Looks like you are your way. Have fun!!
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