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Originally Posted by billb View Post
First - thanks again for the stand design! It's great.

Second - you are a good choice to help me with a plant selection question. I have read that the Sulawesi lakes do have reeds and other plants that grow out of the water in shrimp habitat. I was thinking about Giant Hair grass as I have some. Do you have any other suggestions? I would like they plants to be able to access atmospheric CO2 instead of pumping it into the tank at high levels. Don't want to lower the pH or gas the shrimp.

Any thoughts?

There are quite a few pretty cool plants you could put in there. It might be more difficult to find stuff that will grow emersed and which is also authentic to the habitat. Would you be willing to fill the tank to just 1/3 to 1/2 full? You could do a riparium type setup, or plant taller emergent stuff right in the bottom. It looks like you have everything hard-plumbed already and it might be difficult to have the tank half-empty(?).

You know for underwater plants needle-leaf Java fern might be a good one to start with. You might want to cut back on the lighting for this non-CO2 and high pH setup.
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