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I am slowly creeping up to the move...
I added some root tabs and gravel last night. My other tank is completely overgrown after a week out of the country, and I am planing on throwing a bunch of plants into the new tank to help with cycling the filter. I also plan on preserving a bunch of filter sludge when I finally clean it and throw it in at the first fill.

What do you guys think? Should I get some zebra danios initially? Or do you think harlequin rasboras are "hearty" enough. I could borrow those from the 55g at home. I was thinking about 5 of them...

Once the cycle is complete I wanted to grab 3 otos and order 20 cherry red shrimp. I have not decided if the harlequins would then go back or just stay...

The hardest part is now to clean up my office enough so I can move some furniture

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