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Reglohs 10ga office tank *56k warning*

Ok guys,
I've been putting this off for way to long. This is my tank journal for the 10g tank I want to put up in the office. Main motivator at this point would be my desire to keep shrimp. My current tank at home has a clown loach in it, that seems to make this quite impossible

I have not planed everything to the last detail so we'll make it up as we go along here.

Ok, lets start...

This is the empty 10g on my incredibly untidy workbench.

In the background you see my 29g that I am using as a holding tank for water changes for my 55g, just as a side note.

My plan for filtration in this tank is a Hamburger Mattenfilter. I know, some of you seem to be very skeptical about the advantages of such a filter, but for one: I have heard a ton of positive feedback on these and two: I want to try it... those are enough reasons for me

I chose the far right corner to be my equipment corner that will house the powerhead and the heater behind the filter mat. Here is a picture of the loose foam cut to size (and mitre).

I then (a few weeks later) went to HD and bought a cheap piece of glass, a class cutter (twice the cost of the glass) and a cartridge of Silicone (GE I). I decided I didn't want the filter frame to show in the tank so I measured the glass frame to sit half way inside the foam, slitting the foam around the edges.

Here a picture of the glass frame being tacked together:

I failed to take a picture of the tank without the foam installed, just the frame and I don't want to take it in and out too many times, so here it is, already assembled:

A shot from the side, you can see the glass frame sticking into the side of the filter foam. Also the heater and the Rio 180 can be seen here.

For the spray bar, I had ordered (a while ago) some acrylic piping from Tap Plastics. Originally I wanted to bend some Lilly pipes for my 55g, but then changed my mind. I calculated the diameter of the small holes by taking the cross section of the pipe and dividing by the number of holes I wanted. I then took the next smaller drill as I want some pressure head in the spray bar. This will help getting all the holes to produce the same flow more or less.
For the end of the spray bar, I found a piece of acrylic in our machine shop that fits perfectly into the end. I don't even have to glue it I don't think

I apologize, this is not a very clear shot

So this is how far I am right now:

The stuff on the floor is peet moss, I am planing on putting that under some pea gravel. Pea gravel is what I was planing on using, since I have a bucket full of it on my back porch.

My next bigger hurdle is a light fixture. I went to several different pet stores and couldn't find a fixture for a 10g. I thought that was odd and decided I want to build one. I'm not sure I still want to do that, as it is seriously holding up my progress. I'm a mechanical engineer and I get myself lost in the details of such an endeavor. Does anyone have any good suggestions? I don't want to use CO2, so lower light is what I am shooting for. My DIY fixture (only exists in my head at the moment) would have used two 14w CFLs 5500K. Is that too much? I am perfectly willing to dose every once in a while, but I don't want to setup a CO2 system in the office.

For my plants I am probably going to take some java fern out of my 55g. I recently traded for some mosses and some floaters (thanks down_shift ) that I also want to bring over as well. I am thinking of putting up a moss wall in front of the filter matt to try and mask it a little...

For fish, I will probably re-locate a few of my harlequin rasboras temporarily to help cycle, although I don't expect much of a cycle, as I will heavily seed with my existing filter. Otos and shrimp will in the end be the only inhabitants.

Ok I'm tired and need to go to bed...Comments are always welcome.

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