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Hi guys!

I was thinking on going pressurized and I even got a used old 10Kg bottle. I went today to a local distributor inquiring if the bottle was abble to be filled with CO2 and they said "maybe, but you have to do a hydraulic test on it, which costs €75 + filling which costs €40"

Is this crazy or what??? I've been seeing arround here people buying full bottles for much less. In Portugal it is so expensive!!!

Then I would need regulator, needle valve and tubing... another €100 easy.

So I was considering on buying over the internet a 500g bottle and a kit with all the rest (regulator, needle valve, CO2 tubing, reactor, buble counter, non-return valve). All this would be €125.



"The BioPlast CO²-ProfiStar-Set consist of a CO²-reactor, a pressure reducer with rapture disc for extra safety and a needle valve for fine setting of the required CO² bubbles. To archieve an optimum diffusion of CO2 and the most economical running of the appliance, the pressure reactor is fitted with a regulator tap for the water flow.

-Regulator with gauges for working pressure and bottle pressure (Fits all CO² bottles)
-CO² pressure reactor
-Suction cups
-1,5 m CO² hose
-bubble counter"

However I must know how long does a bottle like this usually lasts you guys that own one like it.

I remember seing a topic like this somewhere but can't find it. And I also know it depends A LOT on the bubble rate, but I would like to have a rough estimate so as to know how often I would need a refill.


Paulo Pinheiro

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