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Hi guys!

I was thinking on going pressurized and I even got a used old 10Kg bottle. I went today to a local distributor inquiring if the bottle was abble to be filled with CO2 and they said "maybe, but you have to do a hydraulic test on it, which costs 75 + filling which costs 40"

Is this crazy or what??? I've been seeing arround here people buying full bottles for much less. In Portugal it is so expensive!!!

Then I would need regulator, needle valve and tubing... another 100 easy.

So I was considering on buying over the internet a 500g bottle and a kit with all the rest (regulator, needle valve, CO2 tubing, reactor, buble counter, non-return valve). All this would be 125.



"The BioPlast CO-ProfiStar-Set consist of a CO-reactor, a pressure reducer with rapture disc for extra safety and a needle valve for fine setting of the required CO bubbles. To archieve an optimum diffusion of CO2 and the most economical running of the appliance, the pressure reactor is fitted with a regulator tap for the water flow.

-Regulator with gauges for working pressure and bottle pressure (Fits all CO bottles)
-CO pressure reactor
-Suction cups
-1,5 m CO hose
-bubble counter"

However I must know how long does a bottle like this usually lasts you guys that own one like it.

I remember seing a topic like this somewhere but can't find it. And I also know it depends A LOT on the bubble rate, but I would like to have a rough estimate so as to know how often I would need a refill.


Paulo Pinheiro

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