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I finally finished excel file of fish identified in this thread (plus a few others I found on the way). The attached document is a zipfile of an Excel 97-2003 file.

For those looking over the list, remember that the original rule set up by Alphacat for the thread was that fish be 1.8 inches in length or less. Some fish suggested on the thread turned out to be way outside this size, so I did not keep them on the list. A few 'oversized' are still kept on, because of online reports of success in small tanks and/or because in the wild they tend to live in thickly planted ditches or small swampy ponds (so genetically/behaviorally appropriate for nano environment). Quite a few fish met the size requirements, but had mixed info online about whether they would do well in small groups or small tanks: I kept most of these, and tried to note down a few pieces of nano relevant info for each fish.

***Please always research your fish in detail before confining them to nano tank; please always use well circulated, oxygenated, clean water for nano tanks***

Quite a few of the suggestions to the thread appeared to be based on size and not necessarily direct experience. I think it would be great if people going through this list who have personal experience with any of these fish in small tanks would chime in, with a note to the thread, about whether the fish did or did not do well (and how many adults and in what size small tank). By 'doing well' I mean healthy for at least six months, bonus points if healthy with successful breeding or for years.

----For those unable to use microsoft products, the file has been loaded up on Google Docs

----For those able to view excel files (list upated 11-2010) the file is in the zip file below.
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