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Needing to update this thread but other activities are eating all the free tank time around here. aka angel spawns LMAO
The three day weekend is giving me the chance to catch up a bit.

The CO2 injection was never set up and started on this set up so I shut down one light bank dropping to 108 watts T5HO, 1- 6500K, 1- 10000K and the burn is 10 hrs. daily. GSA is present on one older Anubis leaf but other than that things a growing slowly and the tank is quite stable. I received 13 F1 DDV angels from a member of TAF II and lost two in quarantine after shipping from Colorado. The remaining 11 are food hogging little piglets and growing it seems daily. Stocking is the 11 DDVís, 8 neonís, 2 zebras that would not be caught for removal from the cycle, 1 black Mollie and 6 LFABN Plecos (really liking these), 4 Briggs from Cocobid.

Current pics.

The sump is working out great with four baskets in the final configuration and the tank is becoming what I wanted it to be in appearance. The slate background really works on this tank for me. The water level is low in the tank because the pictures were taken while feeding.

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