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Hi Orlando,

I have tried several of those plants and they all grew more or less OK in riparium conditions. The only one among them that I like very much is aluminum plant (Pilea cardieri). It has has quite pretty leaves and is hardy. Somehow the small plants that one can find for sale at Home Depot or wherever look really plain and dumpy, but when it grows up it develops a very attractive shape. It is also slow-growing, which is a plus because it it needs that much less attention.

Aluminum plant grows well with its roots in water, but it doesn't like dense, wet media. I potted it as shown below, with the planter cup filled most of the way with Hydroton, then capped with a layer of finer gravel. This ensures more water diffusion around the roots.

Here it is lookin' purdy in among some Colocasia fallax and Acorus gramineus, two other really nice plants.

I have some extra aluminum plant and other stuff too that I can send your way whenever you want.
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