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Well, I rescaped again. I saw that the rocks were just too small and the LB was getting pretty tall so after a while I knew i would barely be able to see the rocks so I just did another 180 and pulled up all the rocks and the lb, and the glosso lol. I mentioned in my first rescape that im pretty fickle, it takes very little for me to dislike something (im an artist by trade), so i pulled everything up and rescaped it.

The good news is Ive pretty much licked the algae problem for now, and the oto's cleaned all the algae off the glass. The only thing I can see is that in the back left corner of my tank against the glass under the substrate line I can see BGA (cyanobacteria) forming... I dont know what I should do about it, Its only right against the glass and right under the substrate.

This is how the tank currently looks.

Xmas moss(i think)
petco moss(this is off their moss ball, def dont know what kind of moss it is, its not java/xmas/taiwan)
Fissdens Fontanus
Rotala mini type I

10 Low grade CRS (a/b)
3 Oto's

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