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Great info, thanks! I'm new to micro controllers, but have a decade or so of coding (mainly java & .Net). Haven't done anything with physical electronics in a long time. Interested to learning though.

A buddy of mine gave me his seeeduino along with his working code, luckily it has a 3.3v setting, though unfortunately no real time clock, will have to get the shield.

I have a guy at work to consult with, he seems dubious of the -3.3v. Are you sure that's correct? I agree with you that the pictures look like it is, but it just seems so strange. Any idea why it would be?

edit: didn't see the video post before, I get it now.
orig: If you were to flip the voltage on it wouldn't mirrored across 0v instead of translated down? I'm just speculating, don't know how that's supposed to work.

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