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Sorry folks, It's been a very busy week, and this coming week I'm traveling. Sorry for the delay.

I've actually opened the wifi box, and I've found that:

- From the wall-wart going into the Wifi controller, only +24V and 0V are connected. The two other wires are actually cut (!!)

- The 0V and 24V powers a small motherboard that transmits the 0V and 24V at the other end, plus two channels of PWM per light. There are actually markings on the motherboard labeled PWM1 (light 1 - white), PWM2 (light1 - blue), PWM3 (light 2 - white), PWM4 (light 2 - blue).

- On the board I see 3.3v voltage regulators, confirming the 3.3v pwm output, but I can't figure out, from looking at the board and the components, how they negate the voltage.

The main obstacle at this point is generating the negative PWM which seems simple but happens to not be, because I'm too new with electronics.

Anyway, I have help at work, so I'll post instructions (wiring and code) on how to make this work once I've figured out the negative voltage thing.

@benw: Arduinos are made for kids learning electronics. They are quite capable little beasts. You should check it out. If you have any programming experience at all it will help, but if not you can probably learn bit by bit by osmosis with all the samples that are available.

Patience, patience...
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