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No need to justify anything, I've said what needed to be said. Lets just stay on the topic.
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ok, well i am going to get the yeast tonight and well start the co2 stuff! Thanx for all your help! Anything else i need to know that you didn't tell me?
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Wow I definately did not expect this thread to go in this direction.

Pooks73, maybe I should reword my post, actually I want to reword my post to this, "That person obviously has had different experiences to me."
Basically my point is one, I shouldnt' have said what I said, like I said it and two that everyone's tank is different and thus everyone's experiences are different. We are both right.

Pufferfreak, please do not trust my opinion (take note "opinion") over any other members just because I am the admin. I created this site to help me learn and for others to learn off mine and other's experiences. There are a ton of members on this board that are more knowledgeable and experienced than I will ever be.

I dont' thinkyou will have any problems with DIY CO2 if you do it correctly. As with everything else, start slowly and gradually make your way up.


Please Send all Support Requests to forumadmin
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well, i put the 3 liter bottle on top of the aquarium, toned down everything so there is little surface movement, and hucked the 3 liter bottle up with all the stuff. The thing is i don't know how to get it started. I added everything and the flexable tubing is going in the tank and up alittle in the intake tube of my big HOB filter. No bubbles yet.........been up or like 20 min. I know it will be awhile but should I have it closed off? Because all the gas will run in the tube and in the tank, but i guess the only way it will do that is if pressure is built up. I quess I will have to wait till tomarrow. I don't want alot of co2 but enough to help the plants grow and can't wait till i get some java moss. And my Crowntail betta, he is going to be cool. Thanx for all the help!
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you go ahead and do what you want, but maybe you should inform fender of the whole story so that he can understand why i wrote what i did.

numerous times this person has suggested that distilled water is the best choice for aquariums. since this is the advice that he's passing out, it's only logical to assume that he's also using distilled water in his tanks. while this gives you a pH of 7, it also gives you a Gh and Kh of 0. this makes the water unstable as it is, and then adding a diy co2 injection isn't going to help the situation at all.

along with the distilled water issue, there's the tank itself. this is a 55 gallon tank with 40 watts of light. that's less than 1 watt/gallon. now that's fine since the plants in the tank are amazon swords and javas. not exactly high light plants. and not really plants that will benefit from co2.

after i tried to explain what effect the co2 would have on pH levels, he decided that just dumping in some pH adjuster would be fine to correct any change.

i gave links to articles and charts to help fully explain what i was trying to say. there's a lot of good info on those sites if he would bother to read them.

so basically this person is using unstable water, adding a non-pressurized diy co2 system to it, not trying to understand the issues that using that system could potentially cause, and his response to me was

Originally Posted by puffermatt
ok, i have no idea what you are talkin about and the tank has fish and i can't just move them. I am just going to use the forumla and put it in the HOB filter and let it go. It should be fine, its what this guy told me and he know alot about it.
excuse me for being a little concerned about this situation. but given my past experience with him, i have every reason to be.

i really don't like getting into arguments about things, but this is getting to be enough. i've tried over and over again to answer his questions to the best of my ability, and over and over he just says that someone else told him different and that's what he's going to believe. so why bother asking? then he has the nerve to come to other boards and tarnish me? this is someone that i've tried to help, and this is how he responds? i don't care how old you are, this is no way to act. at 15 you should know better. if you were 9 i would say okay, he's just a kid. but at 15 you have no excuses.

i've spent a lot of time researching and setting up my tank. i read numerous articles, talked to a lot of knowledgeable people, and tried to learn everything i could about the chemistry of what injecting co2 really means. it was very hard for me to understand too when i first started getting into this stuff, but lots of people helped me because i asked questions and learned from them. it's not easy, but it's also not impossible. i am no expert by any means, but i do know a little bit about what all this is about. we all have different experiences and ways of doing things, but that's not an excuse for the attitude of this person.

i hope it works out for him.
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yea well i don't use distilled water that is bad for fish. Some one told me that it was ok, and i did homework and found out that it was not. I was wanting to know if distilled water would work for a saltwater. Not fresh. I don't think i am going to do the co2 system i would make on for a sunken garden for plants not fish. Anyways thanx for your help i really like that you are still helping. i will undo the co2 system today. Will all the plants live?
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