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Holy crap red alert and WTF!!!!

I have 3 of those freaking heaters in my shrimp tanks. I mostly keep them in my shrimp tank for stability. I keep my temps at 72F in my 10g 20g and 26g. This is scary cause I have Blue tigers. crs/cbs, dark greens and CPOs.

I usually unplug the heaters when doing a water chance but lately I have not.

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I bought a 200 Watter for my 40G. The heater dial feels cheap as can be. Mine was of by 4 degrees also and the green light annoyed me at night. Very unnecessary, overdone IMO. It lit up my whole room and I like DARK. I returned it and went with a hydor inline. Its leagues better than this !@#$.
Also do not buy Marinelands VISI THERM DELUXE. I bought 3 for my 12 gallon. All of them stuck on. Hopefully Marineland fixes this mess. Also one should not rely on the AUTO off feature of any heater. The heater will still heat up until it notices its too hot and then shuts down potentially warping plastic or something. I always shut off any heater regardless when doing water changes.
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Originally Posted by tnsser View Post
Sitting on my couch today and BOOM! The side of my 75g tank blows out all over the place. The heater exploded like a bomb. ... No deaths be cause the only fish in the tank was a 8" Red Devil. It is a tough fish I had to throw him in a bucket of water. ...
What did the fish do when it happened? Did it poop all over the place or maybe try to jump out?

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This is not good. Although I've always used Rena Smart Heaters, I somehow bought my first Stealth heater (75w) for a QT last week. It's off by 4 degrees. I have to set it to 80 to get 76. My Rena's are dead accurate.

Edited to add: Yes, the green LED is annoying and the heater dial feels very flimsy.
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You have pics of the heater cause it looks fine in the pics. The top pic it looks like the heater in the back with no damage and the last pic dont look like it has damage either.

The second pic it looks like the rock hit the glass cause its almost the height of the spider in the glass. If you look at the rock right next to it is where the glass was hit you see all the spidering going to that point..
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Yeah I will post pics of the heater today.I have to get some batteries for my good camera. The heater is shredded. This was not caused by a rock trust me. It was an explosion that sent 4" pieces of 1/2" glass across the room. My kids were not home and the glass didn't hit my TV so that is good. My floors are ruined.

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Any thoughts on how this happened? Seems odd that so much pressure was generated to overcome the water pressure and break 1/2" glass... any engineers(?) out there care to enlighten me?
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i've recently had issues with a stealth pro as well. it's been a couple weeks, and i'm still waiting for them to ship my replacement. my patience with them is starting to grow rather thin.

since this happened to me, i've been checking out the net for similar issues. the thermostat issue when out of water is extremely common. i think the thermistor or whatever they are using for temp measurement is not reading the temp quick enough for shutoff. maybe it's because of placement within the unit or a thermal capacitance issue. so it can read the temp correctly when the changes have long time constants, but big heaters heat up rather quickly when out of water. contrary to what it says on the package, do NOT let the heater run when out of the water.

i think the other issue may be voids in the epoxy fill. this would be more of a manufacturing issue. trapped air expands when heated and can build up enough pressure to cause local breaches or in the worst case situation - complete failure. the constant expansion and contraction of the pocket when the heater cycles ON and OFF probably doesn't help with structural integrity either. my heater only developed a small bulge and crack. the molten epoxy started to come out and smoked like crazy (we are talking lots and lots of smoke). my initial thought was that 'my actual aquarium has caught on fire but how can that be'? since smoke was pouring out from the inside of it. for what it's worth, new stealth heaters are now made in china.

Disclaimer: these are just my hypotheses, since i know nothing about the design and manufacturing of the unit. i can only guess. so don't take anything i say as fact.
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Wow ... they buying a new tank for ya .. that BLOW's
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since smoke was pouring out from the inside of it. for what it's worth, new stealth heaters are now made in china. sucks i hate china products
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I have two Stealth heaters that aren't the Pro models. Besides my Hydor Inline, they are the most accurate heaters I've ever owned. The only thing annoying about them is, they didn't have an led or light to indicate when they were on. I would do a 50 % water change without unplugging them first and that was never a problem. I suppose something was lost in quality when they "upgraded" it to the Stealth "Pro". Maybe it has something to do with adding additional features into the same space. You know, putting 10 pounds of &*#@ into a 5 pound box. As far as it being made in China, look at where your Sony TV, Dell or HP computer is made. It wasn't made in the USA or anywhere in Europe. If it wasn't made in Malaysia, Indonesia or Taiwan, it was made in China.
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my goal wasn't to knock chinese products, although i have definite opinions about them. older visitherm products were made in italy (even the old stealths were made in italy). if you move a long running production to another country, there will be differences. even if you use the exact same parts, there can be differences in the way things are manufactured and inspected that affect quality and reliability. now, compound that with a new design. it's been said that you should never buy a first year model of a new car design because there may be issues that still need to be worked out. apparently, this is the case.
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let us know what they say and going to do about it
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That's a devastating PIA! I hope they are able to replace your tank and at least put something towards the damage to your floor. They should be thankful they aren't being sued for injuring you or your children. It's truly lucky you were there to save your fish too. I'm glad there was no loss of life.

Hope getting everything back to working order goes sas smoothly as possible!

cheers & good luck!-K
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Holy cow! I have 7 tanks and have 3 Visatherm Stealths and 3 Visatherm Deluxe! How devastating for you! 75 gal of water! We recently had a 10 gal tank blow out, but it was because it was a used tank that I got at Goodwill. Even though we had tested it before hand and even used it before, somehow there was a crack we didn't see and it blew out. Thankfully we have stone floors and no damage, but I can't even imagine the damage 75 gal of water would do. Never had any trouble with my heaters (yet) except I do have to have some of them set a little higher so that the temperature in the tanks is where I want it to be, but maybe because its winter and cold in the house?

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