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Thanks.. it sold up my reef to focus more on photography, and this tank was planned from the start for practicing photography on.

Plant wise.. since the first post.. the Vallis had to come out, it was just too dominant, it always has been everytime I've grown it in this tank. The HC has been a failure.. not enought light.. but it's doing well emmersed in a smaller tank (18"x10"x10") I've been working on. I suspect the dwarf chain sword may also be too rampant, so it might come out to make room for some more Cryptocorne as this has always done well even in my most basic tanks.

Two out of the three bunch plants have done very well, the third feathery one less so.. so cuttings from the right hand side may go on the left to fill out there.. that will make for an interesting proscenium arch of paler vegetation.
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