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Yeah that was my goal from the start but somehow I seem to have failed, just like I do at drawing stick figures. As I said in the post there's suppose to be tall valls all along the back but I had to cut them down because of the excel. They don't seem to be melting and should eventually grow back nice and tall, specially once I stop dosing with excel. All the stem plants right up front were suppose to be medium hight plants but they just exploded with growth and shot strait up. Guess it's time for another trimming. If anyone has any suggestions of some nice high light plants that won't get taller than say 6" I'm all ears.

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Also some plants behind the driftwood would fill in space and add some depth.
There's a Kleiner bar sword behind the driftwood, but for some reason it seems to just grow small leafs and lots of them. It's very thick but for some reason it's not growing big tall leaves like I was hoping for. I was thinking about moving some stuff around but the thought of pulling the swords out and having all the clay substrate come up from the bottom and mix with the sand put that on ice.
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