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You agree with OC coming in at 98?

On the first page someone had nothing but crap to say about the OC.

Originally Posted by aeternum23
Are you kidding me? Orange County is 98th? That's got to be the most BS I've ever heard. I have never been in a more stressful environment in my entire life!

First off, the traffic here is the WORST I have ever been in. It takes me an hour to move 5 miles on the highway during rushhour. Let's not even get into El Toro and Moulton.

Second, eveyone here is so quick to judge everyone else. I sometimes make late-night runs to the local Ralph's and usually just wear my PJ's, aka sweats, sandals, and a t-shirt. But man the way people look at me, you'd think I was from Mars.

It's like everyone has to look a certain way, or else you're some sort of freak. And then there are those who try to show they're not part of the clique by being part of another click, lol.

Third, it's all about the Green down in OC. When I lived in San Diego or the Bay Area, my coworkers and I went out after work on a regular basis. We'd hit a bar, the movies, a restaurant, whatever. Here, no one does that, and I'm still working for the same company! Everyone either stays late or goes straight home. It's like they don't want to know you, they're just here to work and make dough.

Fourth, for some reason, no one likes to say "Hi" to strangers or people they meet. Call it friendliness or common courtesy, but when I first moved down here, I used to say "Hi" or "How're you doing" if I passed someone on the sidewalk. Only once did I ever receive a response. Most of the times, the person just ignored me, some people actually tried to avoid me.

Fifth, cost of living. I don't know HOW the average American can afford to live in this place. I remember talking to a coworker from Tacoma during a company-wide meeting. He's about my age, 25, and just bought an acre plot of land with a 15 year old ranch house on it for $150,000. First off, I don't think there are any residential zones in So Cal that can afford a single plot of land that large. Secondly, if there were, I'm sure they'd be going for well over $1 million each. Ironically enough, I remember him telling me "Yea, I'm not sure how you people make it down here".

Sixth, let's go back to traffic for a moment. Like I said, I've lived all up and down California and have driven in pretty much every part of the state. But Orange County is the only place I have ever seen someone changing their clothes WHILST driving! It's not like I was trying to look, but you can't help but notice when they almost sideswipe your car. Also, I once handled an auto accident that was part of a freak "group" of accidents in one intersection. Apparently, three separate accidents occured, one right after another and all with different vehicles. I'll never forget the police report on that one, "Driver A was on their cell phone...Driver B was on their cell phone..."

I don't know about anyone else, but between being socially ostracized and/or getting into an accident with a naked man, living in OC is pretty stressful to me.
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