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A little update:

I have since flooded the tank for about a week, and the UG has taken its submerged form of much longer flowing leaves to one direction and little bladders for eating things in the water. I had a little bout with rhizoclonium aglae, but for the most part its 95% gone, and all that remains is a little gsa/gda algae on the glass.

The flora so far include, UG, LB, DHG, HC, glosso, downoi, and salvinia minima as floaters.

And also thanks mizu-chan for answering his question, and the comments!

I eventually would like to have a nice grassy field type look with many textures from many differnt types of foreground plants. Its probably gonna be a pain to upkeep though, and im not sure which plants will out compete the other for space or if they will just blend together. I guess ill find out!
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