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Mizu's Rimless 24 Gallon

So my tank is arriving on the 27th and I can't help but start a journal already. Having no tank set up yet is torture, so I figure discussing it will help me ease my anxiousness about the tank arriving. I'm getting my tank from Glass Cages. It's a 27 gallon and has very similar dimensions to my old 20L. It measures 36x12x12. I always had a lot of fun working in my 20L so figure the extra length is going to be a good chance to experiment with scapes. (My old tank can be found in my signature if you want to give it a look. )


Unfortunately my old 36" light got lost in my move. It was definitely a huge loss for me since I always had such good experiences with that light, plus it would be perfect for my new tank! I honestly have no idea where it went. I'm not sure what kind of light to get now. Anyone have any suggestions? I guess I'm willing to spend around $130 cause that's about all I can spare right now. Classes are starting up soon and my art supply list seems to be never ending.

I am going to use my Rena XP2; I love this filter. And since I am going rimless I decided to go ahead and get some nice glassware. I'm thinking about these lily pipes. Does anyone have any feedback about them?

As for the stand I'm really not sure. I have a space cleared out for the tank already and It's going to fit exactly. I have thought about making my own stand, but I'm not so sure how well it will turn out. I might just pop into the thrift store down the road and see if they have anything that would work.

As always I'm sticking with my DIY CO2. I really can suck it up and buy pressurized at the moment, plus I've never had any problems with the mixing.

For substrate I'm going with AS. Once you experience it you can never go back. I got spoiled in Houston since it was always local so now I have to suck it up and order it online. I'm getting three 9L bags so it's going to be around $110 shipped :/

I'm thinking about using the wood I had in my old 40BDR, found here. I'll probably have to mess around with it a bit so that it fits. I'm not too sure if I'll add any rocks, but if I do they will line the base of the wood, and will be covered in some sort of moss. Most likely Christmas Moss.

Now the important part. I have a few plants that I've been dreaming about since my last tank.
Here's what I'm thinking so far.

Plant List:
Utricularia graminifolia
Ammania sp. 'bonsai'
Rotala sp. 'mini' type I
Ludwigia Glandulosa
Rotala 'Nanjenshan'
Tonina sp. fluviatilis
Rotala macrandra
Hyptis sp.
Otamogeton gayii

I completely forgot to add this.
I have a fish store right next to me that sells nice Cardinals for about $2.00 a piece. My sister who is living with me also wanted to get some Rummy Nose which are also very nice and are the same price as the Cardinals.

I'm pulling a lot of inspiration from the follow tanks:
Koteoloncat's 125 Gallon
Plantbrain's 180 Gallon
Orlando's 120 Gallon
Ugly Genius' Riven
Ugly Genius' Source

All of these tanks are amazing, so if you haven't taken the time to read through them I suggest you do.

Well that's about all. Even typing this out has helped me calm down. (:

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