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Originally Posted by clwatkins10 View Post
Nice pond! I can't imagine your water bill in Arizona. Top offs on that thing must be frequent with the air being so hot and dry.
Yeah we have two ponds and a pool so i bet it's a lot.. i don't know though since my parents handle it.

i guess i need to speak up,few things bothering me.
first let me say my wife is the one on here asking some questions(not getting much for answers) as i have turned a 150 gallon tank over to her(i said sell it or salt water)

anyway,I am big into koi,decided i should speak up.
first welcome to koi ponding but
rocks have no place in a true koi pond(boy will this create heated debates).
plants are kind of iffy also for true koi(they will more then likely destroy them)
should have a skimmer(maybe missed in picture)

BUT what REALLY bothers me with your pics.the pump looks like an energy hog pool pump.good pumps cost more but will save in long run.
the ultima filter well the size of it is a model 2,000 but the valve on top is one that should be on a 20,000 size filter.will not effect performance with pipe size and such but is very misleading on the max. 125 gpm.a 2,000 size filter should be only max. 34 gallons a minute.
so your pump and filter do not match at all plus pond size looks a lot less then 5,000 gallons.
People need to know exact gallonage of a pond and that LxWxD does not work at all.if you ever need to medicate the pond say your pond is only 3,000 gallons and you dose for 5,000 depending on medication you could kill all the fish.
so decided i did not want to be the one that sits back and says hopefully a few others will help my wife.
Thank you for the suggestions, but we are not in the high-end koi hobby. My family simply had this pond built because we enjoy koi. Our pond may be the "pirate ship, blue gravel, plastic plant aquarium" of ponds (to some people), but we enjoy it and the fish are happy and healthy. The plants are growing very well, and the koi haven't seemed to "destroy" them during the past 5 years that we've had it set up. We have a professional pond-keeper who comes once a week to inspect, dose and backwash the filter. My family was told that it was 5,000 gallons, but it is actually close to 2,500 gallons according to the pond-keeper (i just called him - not sure why we thought it was 5000!). And about the rocks - i'm not really sure what else you would build a pond out if in arizona? We were planning on using a plastic liner, but once the construction crew started digging, it was impossible to dig down deep enough even with machines. The soil here is very dry and hard. I appreciate your comments and concerns, but we like our pond the way it is.

And yes, there is a skimmer.

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