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Mark's - "Petit Coin de Paradis" (Updated Pics)

"Petit Coin de Paradis"

"Corner of Heaven"
"Les Collines Rouges"

"The Red Hills"

This is another journal I am starting for a 15 gallon tank I will be setting up over the next few weeks. It will be for my office that I am putting in upstairs. At the moment I am thinking of doing DIY CO2 which I really don't want to do but I do not have the money for a pressurized system at the moment. The specs are below:

Tank - 15 gallon
Filter: Fluval 304
Lighting: Nova Extreme SLR T-5 Fixture, 48 watt
Heater: Stealth in-tank
Substrate: I am going to use mineralized top soil (first time trying this) with Tropic Isle Tahitian Moon Sand as the cap
Hardscape: Red Rocks (you can see a couple of them in the tank pic below)
Dosing: I will be dosing 2.5ml of excel daily and nothing else since I am using mineralized soil.
Flora: I know for sure HC but beyond that I don't know.
Fauna: I am thinking of Threadfin rainbows and otos but may change my mind

Here is a pic of the tank..

I just started tonight the process of mineralizing my top soil, so here is a pic..

Top soil that I got from a local landscape shop. It is really nice topsoil and he said there are no additives. Was able to get it for free!

It is mineralizing! I only used 1 bucket and I think I will have more then I need.

Will be getting a mineralized kit from Torpedobarb next week since it is hard to find the clay, dolmite and potash around here.

I will also be building a stand for it and will keep you updated on the progress with that.

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