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AzFishKid's 2,500 Gallon Koi Pond [PIC HEAVY]

A while back, another forum member suggested that i start a journal for my two ponds, so here's one of the two i have in my backyard..

[ You Can View My 500 Gallon Turtle Pond Here ]

SIZE: 2,500 Gallons
PLANTS: Water Lillies, Umbrella Palms, Water Hyacinth
FISH: 10 Koi (butterfly/standard fin, ranging size from 2"-6"+), Several Comet Goldfish
OTHER EQUIPMENT: Surface Skimmer

We had this pond built when we moved into this house, which was about 5 years ago. We had a builder who "thought" he knew what he was doing, but he didn't. The plumbing was all messed up, which eventually led to a broken pump and filter. Thankfully we found someone else who really knew a lot about ponds, so he fixed it all up and it's been running well for the past few years.

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