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Thanks for all of the comments guys! I'm getting so excited about this tank.
Originally Posted by hydrophyte View Post
Nice work. You've been busy. 40-50 little fish in there would look fantastic.

What exactly is the "$50 bag of sand"? I am in the middle of trying to select a sand and I think I've settled on this stuff:

I might also blend in some of their "Nile Sand" for a more natural mixture of particle sizes. Those ADA decorative substrates are really pretty affordable, even with shipping.
Yeah, I hope I can actually get around to ordering 40-50 of them. I can be pretty cheap.
My sand is for salt water set-ups. Sorry

Originally Posted by @marko@ View Post
40 gallons!
that sounds awesome. i have some E. belem thats been growing emersed for a while. i have no idea how its doing for the bast 4 weeks (have been away). but it should still be there and have grown when i come back on the 15th (the plant is uber hardy). look me up when your ready for some. i can also send some cabomba fructa if you want (if mine is still growing like it is now when you are ready). its a really nice red plant, and IMO the hardiest.
Yeah! awesomeness! I'm going to need a while to get the money together for the AS, and I might do a temporary light and grow it emersed. I need to buy stones too. I forgot to put that in the budget.
Originally Posted by Kayen View Post
Get it up and going Chris.
Why not add some laquer, make the stand more prettier.

Schoool if little fish would be awesome!

Can't wait.
The stand is shiny enough already lol. And I'm too cheap (and out of money) to buy any more stuff for it.

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