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Arrow CL's GLA 48 Gallon Rimless Pre Journal

Ok, here I go. I changed my mind. This 40 breeder is going to be a planted tank.
Before I get all excited about that stuff, I need to buy all of the equipment .

I'm only going to go with an eheim 2217, or an XP3, but I will have a koralia 2 in there to help out on flow.

I'm going to get a fancy CO2 regulator from GLA! Standard 5 lb tank, maybe a 10 lb-er if I can get a good price on one.

Aquasoil amazonia I. A catalina t5ho 39Wx4 fixture with only 2 or 3 bulbs in, suspended over the tank (even though it's not rimless ), and most likely a regular ceramic diffuser, maybe an in-line diffuser.

35-40 rummy nose tetras, a trio of SAEs (maybe, I haven't made up my mind on if I want moss or not. Has anyone ever had a sae that didn't eat moss?), snowball shrimp, and amanos in there as well as some otos (maybe I'll have better luck with them this time)

Possible plants include:
eleocharis 'belem;
rotala 'colorata'
anubias 'petite'
java fern'trident'
java fern 'needle leaf'
ludwigia guinea 'broadleaf'
maybe some hm or lawnmarsh pennywort.

Well, enough talk, here's the progress so far

Originally Posted by CL View Post
(click the ">" to skip all of the prejournal)
No, it will not stay in the corner like that

So here's my potential budget
  • GLA 91L
  • Stand
  • GLA CO2 Regulator
  • Manzanita
  • CO2 Cylinder
  • GLA Black Substrate ~ IDK
  • Eheim 2217 - $150
  • CO2 diffuser ~ $30
  • Catalina T5HO - $250

Getting there!

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