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Thanks for your comments everyone.

The flourite sand will run me $90 + is no where near as pretty as the pool filter sand. It seems like I can invest that $ into a CO2 system in a couple months, and setup my tank with PFS, excel, flourish and root tabs in the time being.

None of my plants are especially demanding.

How does that plan sound to all of you? You can even respond "yay" or "nay" if you want to avoid repeating info or to save your time. It would still be valuable info!



EDIT: Also, if I use the PFS (seems like I will), should I add any nutrients to it? If so, can you please give me explicit info (including brands, sources and doses) of what I need to add to my 72 gallon partly planted, with instructions??? Geez.... I feel like I'm asking a lot!
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