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Originally Posted by Yassmeena View Post
So seriously - flourite sand does not have any advantage as far as growth power over PFS w dosing of excel and flourish plus root tabs under plants???

Wow - I would love to just have the PFS...... This possibility makes me happy!!!!!!!

Can others comment to confirm this???? I would have to cancel my order of the flourite sand then by tomorrow.

Thanks so much all!!!!!

I used flourite gravel on my 30 gallon. I was using pressurized CO2 and EI dosing of dry ferts. I was growing mostly swords and crypts. When I bought my 125 gallon and moved all my plants over, after a lot of reading, I decided to go with pool filter sand because I couldn't justify spending 300 plus dollars on "plant sand". I am still dosing EI dry ferts and running pressurized Co2. I am NOT using any fert tabs and I am getting just as good of growth from my swords and crypts which are considered "heavy root feeders"

Truth is the plants are not picky and will pull the nutrients where ever they can get them from. In this case the water column.
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