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Originally Posted by SNPiccolo5
Air (what we breath), contains many different gases, nitrogen being the most (I am pretty sure). It also has oxygen and CO2, among many MANY other gases. Water can hold dissolved gases, but only to a certain amount. These dissolved gases want to be in equilibrium (have the same amount as) with the gases outside the water. If water has less CO2 than the air around it, by aerating (sp?) you will increase CO2, but if it has more CO2, then you will lose CO2. Aerating water insures that the water in our aquarium at least has an equal amount of oxygen as the atmosphere. This level is content for fish, but the level of CO2 in equilibrium is not content for plants. So, if you are adding CO2, when you aerate, the CO2 escapes the water in order to be in equilibrium with the air. If you get the idea of equilibrium, it makes sense...
Well I may be wrong here and I realize it doesn't help that I started off my last post saying, "I don't really know what I'm talking about, but...", but I would think that the atmosphere always has more CO2 in it than even an aquarium with injected CO2. I mean, after all, look at how wonderfully terrestrial plants (trees) do--no CO2 shortage! Like I said though, I could be wrong...

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