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Goin' good so far

The trick last week 'mumming' the sump worked. NO2 and NH3/NH4 are ZERO!
Two week cycle based on testing today.
I've shut down one bank of T5's until the plants take hold better as a good bit of GDA is now present.
GDA I'm counting as a good thing this time around setting up a tank.
I've purchased 6 Long Fin Albino Bristle Nose Plecos. Four are going in this tank.

Reportedly they get no larger than about 4".
They LOVE algae, blanched veggies and shrimp pellets make them nutz

They won't replace angels as my favorite fish but they are cool. (IMO)

Moving day from the refugium is tomorrow after work.
All four LFABN and two Briggs will join the 110g.
I'm also thinking I've managed for once to avoid crypt melt.

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