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I mentioned this before, I did the garden soil, in a 45 high. That tank does well, but slow growth.

Substrate: 5 gallon bucket, 2/3 soil, 1/3rd peat. made sticky mud, mixed in peat like kneading dough. Got 2 inches of this on the bottom, covered with quartz pea gravel. couple days to settle out the particles, and now i don't like making changes, the water clouds when digging up, but it CAN be done. My soil is clayish, kinda red. Initial algae problems, but doesn't everyone? My high tech tank had more algae problems than this, at first.

regular double strip 48" shoplite over it, too long so less than 2 wpg. no Co2 either. low light plants love this tank!

90 gallon, flourite, HP Co2, jobes sticks, Leaf Zone. 440 watts VHO lighting, home built canopy.
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