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110g w/30g sump (56K warning)

Started this new to me set up here on a string about modifying the trickle filter sump that came with the used tank so it all starts here before it gets wet

Torpedobarb invests the time and effort in making MS kits and for this tank I'm trying it.
BIG THANX to Ken for the two 75g kits.
Prep on this stuff is great! No sticks, no stones, no fuss, no mess! Anyway, others have tried to describe this stuff so here I will too. It’s exactly like heavy fly ash. Fly ash is the waste product headed for the stack from those nasty coal fired power plants. We burn coal and make electricity (everybody loves it), NOX, SO2, bottom ash and fly ash (everybody whines about it while adjusting they’re thermostat) is left after we make the juice. When dry this stuff acts more like a liquid than a solid. It’s as fine as dust or baby powder and charcoal in color. Dumped in a bucket it levels and stirs dry like a wet pudding mix. Which is how I mixed in my clay,,, dry. Stirred it with a paint paddle until the color was even throughout with the bucket tipped to about 45°. Took about 4-5 minutes that’s it. Both kits made for 8" in a 5g bucket.

My new to me 110g tank has a glass center brace that’s 16” wide and would make getting a bucket in weird. Using an ice scoop with the MS dry was very easy and control was 100% without any mess. Rather than make it quick access like folks are doing now by mixing the first 1 ˝” then capping I put it all on the bottom (made almost exactly a ˝” layer). Then capped with Flourite matching my other tanks.

Customary boundary border.

The potash and dolomite mixed together already. Again thanx Ken!

The home guard monitored the whole process

The black acrylic background on this drilled tank did absolutely nothing for me so I pondered what to do with it,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Angel fish like slate so,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
I’ve done the background in natural slate. I had tested some awhile ago for use in another tank and liking how it looked I bought 8 more ˝” 12X12’s then split them into pieces following the natural layering and glued it to the black plastic tank backing.

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