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Crim's 5.5 Low Tech Nano

OK well this is my 2nd nano tank, first 5.5 gallon.

I wanted a nano shrimp tank so I picked this one up from my neighbors. I didin't want too put to much into this tank so i decided keep this low tech and low cost. I got all my low tech plrants and decided to do a moss wall. After that i decided i wanted to make the substrate more "Plant Friendly" so i added some pure top soil and then got the tank going again. In the future(soon) im going to add cherry shrimp and hopefuly some bee shrimp.

Price List

5 gallon tank -Free
Internal Filter -Free
Pure Top Soil -$5
Pool Filter Sand -$8
Moss Wall netting/screen -$1
15 watt Light -$3
Heater/thermometer -Free
Plants -$10 Apox (most from trades)


Tank: Standard 5.5 gallon aquarium
Light: 15 watt goodwill light
Substrate: Pure topsoil covered with pool filter sand
Filter: Tetra internal filter (I plant on changing to a HOB with sponge cover)
Plants: Java, Flame, Peacock Moss, Java Fern, Anubis, some Hygro, Vals, Tiger Lotus
Inhabitants: Nothing yet, but Cherry shrimp and probably Bee shrimp in the future


Also let me warn you my camera is pretty cheap and my photography skills need some work so i would like to apologize in advance.

Just filling up after redoing the substrate

Well thats all for now...

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