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2.5 gal "Arroyo"

Update: 12/01/09
Months of progress

Original post:
Long time lurker, long time nano fan, first time poster. I'm hoping to get some suggestions on my newest nano endeavor. I just moved halfway across country with my fish supplies and my two bettas, and I've gotta get my 2.5g set up soon so my betta can come out of her temporary jar home. Here's what I've got laid out so far for the hardscape:

filter and heater out

filter in

What do you think of the hardscape? Is it too simplistic? Do I need bigger stones? A third stone to make an iwagumi? More soil?

I kind of like how the two stones look, but at the same time I feel like it's missing some kind of drama or balance.

Equipment list:
2.5 gal
ADA Aquasoil Amazonia
Hagen Elite Mini-Filter
27W CF home depot lamp
Hydor mini-heater 7.5 W (may replace with a small Marineland heater if the room is too cold)

Will eventually belong to my ancient female betta and possibly a snail.

I'm planning a trip to the LFS later this week, and I'm thinking the aquascape might work out like this:


Can't decide whether to fill in the valley area or not.

The green upfront would be H.c., and in the back I'd have dwarf hairgrass with maybe some Blyxa or dwarf sag mixed in.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

Thanks for reading!

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