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Question Cherry Shrimp Being Eaten?

Hey all,

I'm new to aquarium keeping and just set up my first 8 gal a month ago. I have 5 Rummy Nose Tetras, 5 Cardinal Tetras, 1 Siamese Algae Eater, 2 Apple (Gold Mystery) Snails, 1 Male Betta (who is currently in his own bowl because he scratched his head on our new filter) and 4 (used to have 7) very sad looking Cherry Shrimp.

Planted with Water Wisteria, Java Fern, Java Moss, Banana Plant, Anacharis, Dwarf Grass, Micro Sword, Bog/Drift wood and 1 Marimo Moss Ball.

I have a bubble bar, filter, fluval plant substrate and a 13W light too.

For the last two weeks everyone has been getting along just fine, everyone was eating, and the water looked good:
Used API 5-in-1 test strips
GH: 0-30
KH: 0
pH: 6.0-6.3
Nitrite: 0.5-1
Nitrate: 20

We were using SeaChem Flourish Comprehensive Plant Supplement, but we found a shrimp (not a molt) dead and thought, "maybe we over-dosed". So I stopped using the Flourish and the shrimp were fine. Then yesterday I came home to a half eaten red shrimp and another laying on his side not moving. He was still alive though, and the Rummys were nipping at him and chasing him around the tank. I fished out the 4 shrimp and put them in a breeder box where they are now. All the shrimp have bits of their tail fins missing (chewed off?) I checked the water:

GH: 30
KH: 0
pH: 6.0
Nitrate: 20

I did some research and saw that cherry shrimp need a higher pH, so I did a 30 percent water change and added some baking soda solution (1 tsp baking soda & 1 cup water, put only 1/3 cup of this solution in the tank) then tested again:

GH: 30
KH: 40
pH: 7.0
Nitrate: 0-20

So the pH should be good for the shrimp, ( I had been keeping it low because the a few Rummys had died early on from high pH (I think)). It's been about 24 hours since I tested the water and the shrimp seem to be OK except for 1 who still lays on his side like he's exhausted. They're still in the breeder box and I'm afraid if I let them out the Rummy's will eat them.

Not really sure what I should do. Ideally I would like to be able to keep the shrimp and the Rummy's but it's looking like they aren't compatible. I've been feeding everyone blood worms and Tetra Crisps 2x a day, but the shrimp still get harassed.

Any help or advice on this matter would be greatly appreciated.
I put this thread in the "Fish" section first by mistake, thought I'd post it here too just in case.
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These pants? are fancy.
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Fish love to eat shrimp. All of those fish love to eat shrimp, tetras and betta especially, but.siamese algae eaters too
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They sure do seem to have a taste for them now, but up until a few days ago they left the shrimp alone. I've been considering replacing the rummys with more cardinals, they're considerably smaller than the rummys and I've never seen them go after the shrimp. Even when one was dead they didn't touch it. Thoughts?
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These pants? are fancy.
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They'll find them eventually, just like the rummys did.

And, like you've discovered, once a fish finds out how delicious shrimp are, they eat them very quickly.
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Could you recommend a fish suitable to house with shrimp? Or is it better to not keep them with any fish?
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Like me at a seafood buffet.

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The only 100% shrimp safe fish are oto's. All others have the potential to eat them. My betta went through 3 shrimp in about 5 mins when I tried them with him before. It's also only an 8gal tank. Not a lot of room for the fish you have in there now, never mind shrimp or anything else.

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This make it 1,000,000 posts asking about Fish and shrimp together? We really need a Sticky telling everyone to stop putting fish and shrimp together.
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Ill re post this again...You already have good answers in the same thread you made over in fish...

First you are way over stocked, second the only shrimp safe fish are oto catfish. Everyone else is a risk Third those test strips are crap, pick up the Api master test kit and re-test, I can assure you you will get different readings. Also I've kept cherrys in a wide range of ph, from 6.5 to 8.2..granted they always did better for me around neutral.

I keep fire reds and neons in my 10 gallon, but the shrimp have so much moss, and breed so fast my neons hardly put a noticeable dent into the population. That and most of my shrimp live onto of the moss near the surface, and the neons never go higher than half way to the top.

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Cherry Shrimp Being Eaten?

It's just not possible to have shrimp and fish in a small aquarium. I've got massive Amano's and PFR's in my 46g. I occasionally catch one of my GBR's with a PFR in its mouth and the PFR's are almost as big as the GBR's. I have a large driftwood and rock feature in the center covered in Java Moss. This allows the population to stay somewhat constant although they only come out after lights out now

That tank really tied the room together
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Cherry Shrimp Being Eaten?

No fish with shrimp!! Except ottos. I just spent two hours fishing out endlers from a used tank I purchased last night. Got a great deal- from an awesome lady member. But I had great concerns about the mix of endlers and cherry shrimp. This morning I noticed an endler with antenna hanging out of it's mouth!

Bought a 20g long for the endlers and left the cherries in the Ada 60p. What a job. After the endlers were in their new home I noticed some action in their tank. Darn! There was a juvi cherry that got in with them. Pack of hyenas best describes it. Got it out but it confirms it for me- No fish other than ottos with shrimp.

Edited to add: I love to see the shrimp's behavior when they are able to roam the tank freely. So for me I will not keep shrimp with fish as any eaten shrimp is
an unnecessary loss. Others may choose to see it differently- but don't act surprised when the fish do what is natural to them.

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It's certainly not impossible to keep shrimp and fish together--even in smaller tanks--as hundreds of members tanks here can prove.

Given the potential, however, for havoc--save your expensive or treasured shrimp for shrimp only tanks--and plan on losing a few here and there with anything else.

My 37g has a sizable population of cherry shrimp, some ghosts and a couple amano. There are a number of recognizable adult neos (a solid chocolate, a striped chocolate, a burgandy etc) that have lived happily along side a GBR, a school of mature black neon tetras, cories and an SAE for over six months. There's no question the majority of shrimplets get hunted down and eaten--along with an occasional male or smaller female, but even with the GBR stuffing himself silly, I end up needing to thin the herd every 2-3 months.

Over in my 20g riparium, there's a school of ancient neon tetras, a black molly, a BN pleco and a half dozen male endlers--and an ever growing population of cherry culls.

A 3g and two 2.5g tanks have a variety of female endlers and endler/guppy hybrids (about 30% bigger than the regular endlers) along with a sprinkling of juvie cherries. If any have been eaten, I certainly can't tell.
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cherry shrimp, rummy nose

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