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Breeding vs keeping shrimp

Hello TPT:

With due respect to all individuals that believe that breeding a specie is the key to know if they are well kept. I don't agree.

*Edit: Dogs and cats are prolific breeders and we do everything we can to keep them in celibacy and even surgically modify their bodies. I'm not against this but I just wanted to give a bit of perspective. That said, there is no domestic dogs and cats in nature as we have breed them to be what they are so there is no "natural" way.*

I would like to know if anyone has scientific or at least somehow official information that states that if cardinia cantonesis or neocardinia shrimp aren't breeding they just barely surviving.

Not interested in just opinions. And I would love to keep this tread drama free, let's be adults looking for knowledge, if there is a discussion please be respectful.

This "not breeding, barely surviving" rule doesn't seem to apply to any other ornamental species of invertebrates or fish in the hobby. Therefore I'm trying to find substantial info. I googled and searched the forum already. I only found opinions.


A heavily planted shrimp tank is possible!

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Good topic, would be a good thing to know.

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This is actually a good topic for me since I will be trying to keep and breed shrimp. Subbed!
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Well, with fish, a lot of fish need specific conditions to breed that trigger their breeding season, cold water, lots of water param shifts, darkness, parents have to removed as soon as eggs are laid, they need caves to rear the young, etc.

Easy fish like livebearer guppies or platys, you should always a tank full and if you have a dozen guppies and don't have a 100 in a few months, I would think something is wrong, and I look at shrimp at more in this range of breeders than difficult to spawn fish.

Shrimp kept in stable, proper water should be breeding almost constantly. Too hot, too cold, shifting params from too many water changes, improper water, too much CO2, ferts, messing with the water too much, not a balanced diet, etc are going to effect this.

Happy shrimp in proper water should be breeding, it's their genetically programmed destiny to do it over and over, almost back to back for the duration of their lives. If they aren't, they probably aren't that happy. Again, back to the guppy or platy thing. If you can't get them to breed, you are doing something wrong.

My opinion anyways. If you have lots of shrimp and no babies at for months and months, I would say they are not that happy or their water is not ideal.

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Since all my shrimp species are breeding but my CBS, I would like to know as much as possible about the perfect water parameters that they need to be kept in. Anyone that has extent knowledge about keeping and breeding CBS, please chime in.

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Assuming the person recieved healthy shrimp to begin with. My first neos were a gift from someone who admitted they'd not had any success breeding that particular line after having had a tank meltdown with the initial stock--shrimp are happy munching away, molting successfully, doing their shrimpy little things, but no breeding. These were some of the few surviving juveniles from that tank and the two females he saved back have never berried despite being in a tank full of healthy, breeding neos. The early damage hasn't affected their quality of life or, at least as far as has been seen so far, their longevity.

Frankly, I'm delighted. Saves me from having to constantly cull/find homes for shrimplets.
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Shrimp snail and feral cat/ feral dog contraception would be awesome!
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I don't think there are any hard facts about any of this, Pejerrey. I think much of out hobby relies on anecdotal evidence, trial and failure and what works for one person may not work for the other. In other words, even the facts are opinions until shown otherwise.

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I think sometimes you can have perfect water chemistry and have happy shrimp but they wonít breed due to low water temperature.
Whenever I set up a new tank and donít want baby shrimp in the tank because it is not mature I lower the temp.
It has nothing to do with science.
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If the temp thing were true I would have no breeding shrimp, my tanks get down to 64 when its cold at night. And my BTOE and OEBT and PFRS are breeding like teenage rabbits

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One could hypothesize that because of the vast amount of inbreeding that took place to create the varied colors of ornamental shrimp, there would be genetic disorders including sterility in a sizable portion of the population.
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Not sure you are going to get any scientific evidence, their is just not that many scientific studies being done on freshwater shrimp, especially the ones that we keep in our aquariums. I think the idea with shrimp is that they have repeatedly been shown to breed so easily (especially the neo species), that if they are not breeding something is wrong. It may be just an opinion, but it is an opinion a lot of very experienced shrimp keepers have, typically based off their own experience.
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Thanks for the replies, I'm just trying to see if someone has more info than what I've found online.

A heavily planted shrimp tank is possible!
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my crs cbs golden bees are breeding
ph 5.9
ppm. 123
gh 1
kh 1
saw the babies of crs and cbs~.~
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I was under the impression shrimp bred as fast as they do and as secretly as they do, in order to keep their generations going. Live bearers have to reproduce fast and have large clutches in order to have a small percentage of the babies remain. This is true with most Rodents, Live bearing reptiles, Live Bearing fish, and many insects.

If you are low on the food chain, the amount of babies you produce will increase to give a better chance of survival. So i feel that shrimp breed in almost any conditions and you are correct in that they might not be completely happy, but they need to breed in order to keep the generations going.

Sad to think about, but after all, mother nature is cruel. If you view the natural habitats of the shrimp we keep, they are in very well shaded creeks and ponds that have lots of coverage, but to small predators and birds, that bright moving shrimp is perfect for food, so the smaller, clear babies can still survive while a lot of the older ones get picked off.

All Animals have evolved to survive certain conditions, and i feel (opinion again) that shrimp are no different and breed even when not perfectly happy.

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