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Question Behavior Problems with Amano Shrimp

So I have a ten gallon with 6 CPD 2 cherries, 1 bamboo shrimp, and 1 amano. Half of the tank is full of plants so there are lots of places for hiding. The cherries and CPDS were added recently. The tank started as the amano with two mystery snails and 6 White Cloud Minnows. The White Clouds were recently given away and still healthy. The Amano has lived in this tank for almost two years (old I know)

About two days after the arrival of the new shrimp the Amano got very very territorial. He pushes the cherries off his moss ball (literally runs up to them and pushes them off with his arms.) He refuses to eat his algae tabs, instead he runs around and gathers all of the sinking pellets for the CPDs that he can find and carries them around for an hour while he eats them. While he is picking them up he flies around pushing fish out of the way. (I wish my pictures weren't blurry, it actually looks quite funny)

Since he is so old, and it was originally his tank to start, I want him to be happy - but he seems crabby. They are definitely all fed enough, maybe even too much. I know this may seem dumb, but the Amano and his tank mates were my first fish, so really I am still pretty new to this.

Any reasons why he is acting like this, how to help him be a bit happier, anything would be greatly appreciated. FYI if the solution is to move him out, I only have a 2g hospital tank on hand and my DH will have a heart attack if I buy more fishy things.
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Originally Posted by AshleyMac View Post
...but he seems crabby.
I won't be of any help on this one, but that "crabby" part made me laugh...It probably wasn't an intentional play on words, but it made me chuckle after a long day of work. I like that he's got spunk though, pushing his way around...

When my cherries begin to be too much for my cherry tank, I'll end up throwing them in with my Amanos, so I can imagine I'll have some experience with this, but not any time soon.
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I honestly wouldn't worry about it unless your creatures start harming one another... it sounds like there is enough food to go around so his territoriality is not going to starve anyone out. Also, for what its worth, I have a 30 gal with Amanos, Cherries and Bamboo shrimp... come feeding time its every shrimp for himself and there is certainly a fair amount of pushing and shoving but I haven't noticed that this has been in any way detrimental to their quality of life.

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One of my yellows or amano's or whatever it is was molting yesterday, had its front done, was resting before starting the back and one of my sunkist orange shrimp was already on its back eating the molt before it was even off it. lol.

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Oh thank you all! I guess I just get protective because he is so old, and one of my cherries only has one eye and sticks to her rock. I'm not entirely sure she knew what hit her when she did venture to the yummy moss ball...all she knows is that her rock is safe and shes not leaving it ever again (for now at least)

I will continue to try to get a picture of the hoarding, it will make you laugh. Today I counted four pellets. One jammed in his mouth, the others stacked on it while he was stretching his little pinchers as far as they could go to hold them all while waddling around the tank floor.
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Lol what a greedy shrimp, my CRS are like that too.
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Amanos are greedy little pigs. Mine are anyways and since they are the biggest shrimp in the tank they have their way with the other dwarf shrimps.
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I got a picture! This is no where near as bad as yesterday, but you still get the point. I know that "he" is really a she, but this was recent discovery. Anyway this is shrimpers with food pebbles. Don't mind the random red rock, I'm still fishing those damn things out.

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Originally Posted by Plantedshrimptank View Post
Amanos are greedy little pigs. Mine are anyways and since they are the biggest shrimp in the tank they have their way with the other dwarf shrimps.

My were greedy shrimpcidal little pigs too. I don't keep them anymore. They steal all the food and they are escape artist...
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Originally Posted by shrimpnmoss View Post
My were greedy shrimpcidal little pigs too. I don't keep them anymore. They steal all the food and they are escape artist...
Didn't you know they were suicide bombers? Their born mission is to not have other shrimps get food. They'll just grab the food and take it with them to heaven.
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I have only ever kept Amano Shrimps with other Amano's and fishes, but not with other dwarf shrimps, so I am not sure what this particular behavior is about. I do have five Amano's in a community tank, and they have definitely staked out a territory and tend to stay there; it is possible that your Amano considers the whole tank to be her territory and this is a display meant to show the other tank inhabitants who is boss. I am probably reaching a bit here, but I sort of drew my conclusion from the territorial behavior of fishes since there is not a whole lot of behavioral info on freshwater inverts just yet. I hope that as more and more hobbyists keep these fascinating shrimps the hobby as a whole will become more educated in their habits and behaviors.

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My amano shrimp are the biggest group of jerkoff a*shole shrimp I've ever seen haha. I had a few crystal reds and a few yellow shrimp in with them and I saw them always chasing them around, never thought anything of it until I saw the biggest amano (at least 1.5" and a heffer) chase down the crystal red and jump on it and start picking at it. At the time I was headed out the door and didn't really think it was necessary to separate them, nor did I have a second tank for that use, but upon my arrival home both the original CRS and his other friend were dead and being eaten by my 3 amano shrimp. No more keeping anything with amanos as far as I'm concerned.

I've even seen the amanos, at feeding time, swim up to where the food is coming in and push away/jump on my guppies in order to grab their flakes. They're fun shrimp to watch but boy can they be jerks
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My Amanos do most of the things you mentioned. They try to grab food from each other, swim off to eat an impossible amount of collected food, and push my tetras away with their antennae.

They also light on my arms occasionally and pull at my arm hairs.
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I'm glad to hear it is not just mine! Other than at feeding time, and the moss ball - she is rather peaceful. Today I found her and the two cherries lined up next to each other on my giant rock with arms going. The amano is really quite social, I got the cherries because 1. I've always wanted some and they were never in stock and 2. the amano would sit next to the bamboo in the plants under the filter output for hours and the bamboo could care less. I thought she wanted friends. She does stay close to the cherries now and doesn't bother the bamboo. Feeding time today went very smoothly. She only took two food pellets at a time instead of four or five.
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Experiencing the same thing. Bought 2 Amanos to try and avoid algae in a tank with lots and lots of fissidens and mini pellia. However since I only feed once every 2 days in very little amounts, these little buggers keep stealing for my PRL so they only get to eat what those two spit out.

For what it's worth, they are only there to eat algae - so far none (crossing fingers) - which makes me feel at this point they are useless and actually more harmful than good.

So jealous of all those videos where the Amanos and other shrimps would just eat harmoniously. Could it be I am underfeeding?

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